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  • Vincent - 2019-06-12Overall Rating: 5/5
    Technician/mechanic is well informed,showed up well within the allotted appointed time.kept me informed about what work had been done.
    Technician Rating: 5/5
    Well informed,studious and efficient.You can trust in the work the technician does when they keep you informed of what work they've done and what needs to be done.
  • Mike - 2019-05-31Overall Rating: 5/5
    efficient from phone to contact from technician and execution
    Technician Rating: 5/5
    knowledgable friendly and professional
  • Dom - 2019-05-16Overall Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic. Fast response. Replacement of starter motor on the spot within the same morning.
    Technician Rating: 5/5
    Great dude. Really onto it. Efficient as hell. Would request him again.
  • Lewis - 2019-05-07Overall Rating: 5/5
    Initial contact to enquire and make booking was seamless and was all about me, the customer. A nice surprise in the modern age
    Technician Rating: 5/5
    Mark was the technician. He advised and consulted with me through every step and his professionalism and obvious experience was excellent throughout the process. His advice was unbiased and gave me even more confidence in his ability.
  • Shirley - 2019-05-07Overall Rating: 5/5
    Most helpful . Made everything easy for me . I
    Technician Rating: 5/5
    Most impressed with all your guys. Polite and gave me good and practical advice .
  • "I used to take my car over to the local garage..."I used to take my car over to the local garage it was a bit inconvenient...convenience of them coming to you over having to drop your car off.. No question about using them again in the future they are absolutely marvellous..
  • "...I get particularly good service from Hometune."It’s not that I ever got bad service from my other garage it’s that I get particularly good service from Hometune. I gave them a ring asked them how much I charge I was impressed their reliability is outstanding they say that they’re gonna be here at 2 o’clock they’ll be here at 2 o’clock. You kinda feel you’re dropping it off at a mates place they just gonna sort it and let you know the deal straight up with you give you a call this is the cost this is why and jobs done yeah very happy
  • Hometune Mobile Service ConvenienceHometune comes to you so makes it much easier and I’ve just always found they real straight up and haven’t pushed any extra costs that seemed unnecessary and I’ve found them pretty reasonable compared to other garages as well give em a call 6303000 and they pop out and service your car at work and where you live its convenient go for it
  • Hometune Website feedbackHometune have an awesome website that’s easy to navigate and I actually used that to find out what I needed or what service was required for the car got that established for prices and so forth and got on the phone and talked to them – everything is actually done accordingly and every case has always exceeded my expectations – great service great turnaround on any job I had done and just fantastic people to deal with 6303000
  • Dave - Westpac Rescue Helicopter PilotMy name Dave Wally I’m the pilot for the Westpac Rescue helicopter it’s absolutely crucial for me to get to work on time sometimes I’m called in on standby and I need to be reliable. I trust Hometune they’ve done a great job for me and they keep my car going just so easy they come to my house and service it every six months and do a wonderful job and the car goes really well
  • Chris - Westpac Rescue Helicopter ParamedicMy names Chris deegan and I’m an advanced paramedic on the Westpac rescue helicopter Auckland reliability in a vehicle is extremely important and all the guys have to turn up to work on time. We use Hometune in the same way you rely on us to turn up to a job whenever you call Hometune is exactly the same they’re reliable, they do a great job they’re punctual and they deliver 100%
  • John - Westpac Rescue Helicopter CrewmanGidday my names John, I’m a crewman on the Westpac Rescue helicopter in Auckland, I’m an advanced paramedic, I’m a chief pilot we use Hometune it’s important to be there on time for your shift the advantage of Hometune over your regular garage is that you don’t have to worry about dropping your vehicle off you just drive to work and they turn up just a simple phone call, you can book them online just so easy you wouldn’t go anywhere else