Cambelt Replacement

Your cambelt is one of the most critical parts on your vehicle, neglecting your cambelt could result in catastrophic engine damage if it snaps. Cambelt replacement varies depending on the make and model. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the intervals based on either kilometres or age whichever comes first is when the cambelt is due.

When replacing cambelt, we highly recommend replacement of water pumps, tensioners, auto tensioners, idlers, balance shaft belts, oil seals. These parts help drive the cambelt and wear out. Not all vehicles require this, only those that are equipped.

Beware of purchasing online deals where the price looks too good to be true, in reality not all the parts are included and there are sometimes hidden and extra costs.

*Take note that sometimes vehicles need to have the cambelt replaced more than once in their life due to age and km’s

Hometune Mobile Mechanics are experienced in all makes and models including European. Call 09 630 3000 or book online to arrange your cambelt replacement mobile at your place.