Mazda Service

Hometune Mobile Mechanics are experienced with all Mazda models. Hometune Mobile Mechanics have access to all the necessary diagnostic tools / scan tools, technical data and parts necessary to Service & Repair Mazda vehicles.

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Mazda Repairs

As well as fixing the everyday problems like batteries, starter motors, radiators, water pumps, cambelts, timing chains, brakes, wheel bearings, suspension, gearboxes, transmissions, seatbelts, CV boots & joints, steering, drive belts, fanbelts, alternators etc.

We also find and fix the more complex issues that require real expertise in the industry. We thrive on Mazda's that have electrical or intermittent faults like glow plugs, ignition coils, ignition modules, distributors, ECU’s (computers) ABS & SRS lights, central locking systems, alarms, immobilisers, warning lights and more…

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If you have an intermittent fault or lights on the dash click to view: 

Auto Electrical or Computer Diagnosis

A warning light on your dash normally indicates there is a problem somewhere in your Mazda which is probably causing damage

We have combined knowledge & have insight on how systems work, our aim is to look after your Mazda and ensure it is reliable & safe.

You can choose our 7 day mobile mechanic service or come to our Penrose Diagnosis and Service Centre (workshop).