Penrose Car Tyres Fitting & Balancing

Hometune offers a fitment and balancing tyre service at our  Onehunga Tyre, Diagnosis & Service Centre.

new tyles

We have a quality, range of new tyres with pricing to suit your budget.

  • Having your vehicle fitted with a good set of new car tyres plays an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle.

  • Car tyres are the only source of contact between your car and the road – your car’s stopping distance, cornering and fuel efficiency are all affected by the condition of your car tyres.

What to look for in car tyres: general condition

Bubbles and cracks in the surface of your tyre are usually signs that it’s damaged and is at risk of blowing out. If you have an object or nail sticking out of your car tyre it is probably punctured and may go flat, meaning you’re also at risk of a tyre blowing out, check for significant perishing & tread on the tyre.

What to do

Look for cracks, bulges or bubbles on the sides of your car tyre, as well as looking for any sharp objects sticking out or embedded in the tyre. If you discover cracks, bubbles or bulges, it’s time to get the tyre checked over by a professional & get a new tyre replacement. Call Hometune in Onehunga for your tyre replacement & we will give you options and pricing to suit your budget.

WOF Regulations

The condition of your car tyre can be a reason for a WOF failure. We can complete your WOF, Service or repair your vehicle and arrange new tyres if required. One stop shop! Your place or ours Call 630 3000.

Be safe and check your car tyres don’t put your family & friends at risk…Stay safe and get a tyre replacement at our Onehunga Tyre, Diagnosis & Service Centre. 120 Captain Springs Rd, Onehunga, Auckland

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