Vehicle Faults

Intermittent Faults

Hometune's mobile mechanics and auto electricians specialise in diagnosing intermittent faults. 

Intermittent faults can demand more time & sometimes aren’t as simple as  just plugging in a diagnostic tool and extracting fault codes as they aren’t enough when diagnosing some more complex electronic faults.

We will often drive the vehicle & monitor with live data on the road.

It is very difficult to predict the amount of time it can take finding an intermittent fault, so we will keep you informed throughout the diagnosis & will not undertake any work until you have been informed of the costs. 

Warning Lights on your dash

A warning light on your dash normally indicates there is a problem somewhere in your vehicle which is probably causing damage. Simply clearing the light won’t fix the problem, We need to use our diagnostic equipment to exactly pinpoint & repair the problem and get you back on the road quickly and safely.

  • Engine Management Faults 
  • ABS 
  • Traction Control 
  • SRS (Airbag) 
  • Complete vehicle diagnostics 
  • Engine Running Faults
  • Emissions