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Hometune Computer Diagnostics in Onehunga, Auckland is open 7 days a week.  7am - 6pm Monday to Friday, 7am - 5pm Saturday and 8am - 5pm Sunday. Call 09 630 3000 to book.

Hometune has one of the most advanced computer diagnostics centres in Auckland. We have a range of powerful and flexible diagnostic tools and technical data, to determine what is really going on with your vehicle.


Our computer diagnostic tools are packed with features and have the ability to capture and display faults, ultimately saving you time and money.

A Pico Scope is suitable for use with any modern vehicle and is PC based; it shows you what is really going on with a vehicle’s electronic circuits. It is like an “X-ray machine of diagnostics”, giving you the ability to see the inner workings of your vehicle’s electronics.

Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits 

The Pico Automotive Diagnostics Kits can be used to measure and test virtually all of the electrical and electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle including:

  • Ignition (primary and secondary)
  • Injectors and fuel pumps
  • Starter and charging circuits
  • Batteries, alternators and starter motors
  • Lambda, Airflow, knock and MAP sensors
  • Glow plugs / timer relays
  • CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

We have the knowledge and insight on how automotive systems work. We look after your vehicle and ensure it is reliable and safe.

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